Jynx Ginjinka Bio

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Jynx Ginjinka Bio

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:49 pm

NAME: Jynx
SPECIES:  ½ human, ½ Jynx
TYPE: psychic, ice
MOVES: draining kiss, lovely kiss, powder snow, pound
ABILITIES: forewarn
HISTORY: Originally part of Giovanni’s harem, she fell in love with Mr. Mime and the two had a secret love affair. When Jynx became pregnant with his child, they decided to run off together. Both to avoid Giovanni’s punishment and to raise their child as a free Gijinka. Mr. Mime stole Giovanni’s Jinka-dex and used it to unlock his and Jynx’s poké-collars. The two then ran off and managed to raise their son, Mime Jr. When the bounty hunter, Gaston Lawson, caught up to them Mr. Mime fought the bounty hunter to give her and their son time to escape. Unknown to either at the time, Jynx had become pregnant with their second child.


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